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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Epic fail in Afganistan

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American policy in the Middle East of the last 40 years not withstanding, the military action in Afganistan is doomed to an epic fail unless someone actually applies some strategy there.

So far we only see tactics, and those tactics cost us 1000 injuries in the last three months.

Afganistan, like Iran and most other societies there, is an amalgation of tribes.

Democracy is unlikely to work there anytime soon. To think otherwise is cultural imperalism. Such thinking is also naive.

It also renders our stated strategy unattainable with currently employed tactics.

The problem is that these amalgations of tribal societies permit the development of uncontrolled militias within their borders. With sufficient income from the sale of oil and dope, these militias can become problems for the rest of the world, especially when they conspire to fly our airplanes into buildings filled with civilians.

What concerns me is the hesitancy of American leadership to permit the full deployment of American strength.

Frankly, the American military has no business in places like Afganistan. However, if we're going to play this game, we should play it to win, and to win immediately.

In combat, the warrior raises the response sufficiently to convince the assailent to withdraw. It is not a matter of tit for tat.

Frankly, I don't see any possible success in Afganistan without the use of much more powerful weaponry, which the Air Force can fly in using remotely controlled drones carrying nuclear arms as necessary, while the rest of the military orders from Domino's.

However, the better approach would be to sit back, defend the perimeter, enjoy the pizza while the Middle East implodes, and spend the excess funds on alternative fuel development.

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