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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ear plugs

Someone lost his earplugs at the Shell station probably as he went in to get his roller dogs and tornado.

I say "him" because the place was packed with Latinos grabbing dogs for lunch. (I rarely see women employed in lawn care.)

Of course, these might be the earplugs someone's spousal unit might have ripped from his head so he'd have no excuse for not hearing the instruction he was receiving in the car. I'll let y'all figure out that ambiguous pronoun antecedent.

If you want them, they're yours.

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The Crow said...

That's okay, Jim. I have a pair just like those dangling off the side of my hard drive, a gift from my grandson.


Jim Penny said...

Everyone seems to be good on their earplugs. I suppose I'll have to put them on EBay.