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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Discounted fruit of the swine

The taters might have been more expensive, but the deboned pork shoulders were half price because they were going out of date.

I bought the last two they had. They both fit in the iron pot.

Those lines were caused by the netting used to hold them together. I removed the netting because to do so after cooking would leave me with a burned finger.

But now, that I think it through, I could have offered the cute 911 guys pork sandwiches for their trouble.

Anywho, the meat gets a splash of olive oil.

The lid goes on the pot, and the pot goes in the oven that needs cleaning.

We crank the temperature up to something hot.

Two and a half hours later, it's soup, so to speak.

At the request of the people with whom I work, I put the meat into smaller containers, three of which I'll freeze. One will stay out for tonight's snack and tomorrow's breakfast.

They made that request after I managed to give myself food poisening last spring.

I probably shouldn't eat like this with bloodwork coming up, or so m'mama would tell me, but isn't this why we have simvastatin?

Of course, there's more. We have ham juice with the olive oil left.

With a little sage and salt, we're gonna have a fine pot of rices next week. Might even add a tater or two if I'm feeling exceptionally decadent.

You just might as well come and get you some.

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The Crow said...

If you had some field peas to add to the pot, you couldn't keep me away with a tank.

Must say that pot liquor would be mighty fine with a mess of greens and some cornbread, too.

Oh, good God! Is there anything more seductive than pork butt pot liquor? I think not!

Leave the kitchen light on, honey, I'll be there!


Jim Penny said...

We can add field peas in a heartbeat. Or greens. The cornbread is a given.

Let yourself in if it's late. We don't lock the doors here.