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Friday, October 23, 2009

Daddy, mama, and baby boils

Daddy and Mama boils, aka carbunkles, bid this world adieu.

They look like a big gaping chunk of MRSA in this pic, but those looks are decieving. They really are about dried up.

This brings us to the next generation.

Meet Baby Boil. That black speck is about an inch away from the deoderant line.

This one will receive special attention because it already hurts more.

I suspected one might occur there because of the lymph node involvement with the other. The thing is that the treatment doesn't vary all that much, and a doc visit really isn't called for.

Nonetheless, if you have some spare Cipro, we might wanna talk.

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The Crow said...

Jim, the fact that you are having so many boils, and other skin infections, in so short a period of time suggests that you may have a blood infection, and that does require a visit to the doctor and some serious antibiotics.

Also, could the spot under your arm be a spider bite? It looks like one in the picture.

Either way, I'd hie thee off to the sawbones of your choice and have that seriously examined.

(Don't mean to sound preachy, but I am concerned. I was a corpsman in the Navy, so my background is the basis of my concern.)

Jim Penny said...

Yeah, that was my thinking even if I didn't express it. The one is no cause for concern. The second suggests something systemic has started, especially since the first made me notice the underarm lymph nodes.

It's about time to go bother Kellie. She'll be thrilled with the extra visit. (I go for a physical in mid-October.)

Jim Penny said...

Or I could be cursed.

The Crow said...

Well, yeah...there's always that!

Take care, friend.