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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cats and tails

There's something you need to understand about cats and their tails. They are separate animals.

Cats and tails are born separately of different mothers.

At some point before a kitten's eyes open, the mama cat finds the appropriate tail for the kitten, and then arranges for the attachment.

You can see evidence for this in the disparate behaviors of cat and tail.

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The Crow said...

My god, you've met my cat, haven't you?

Jim Penny said...

I do believe I have.

Diane Schabinger said...

There is a cat I often see on the way to work - it is a pure white cat - and the tail is completely black. I have wondered if there is a cat around that is solid black with a pure white tail. Does lend further support to your statement. Would also explain why one of my cats had so much fun chasing his tail - especially when he caught it.

Cat tails are the barometer of their emotions.. and the best indicator for when you best keep your own paws to yourself or draw back a nub.

This white cat with the black tail is on the block after we turn the corner from where they are building your bunker. They've been at it a long time - and they just finsihed putting the gunmetal silver siding up last week and today they are covering it with wood. It will of course still look like your bunker - and it should be servicable. I just can't understand why you wanted to build it on that steep hill nor why you wanted the water feature there on the side of the house - but it has kept me entertained for months watching them put your bunker up there on New Kent street.