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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breakfast managed

I was third for the buffet. It was about like all the other breaky buffets if the world, though with a little less fruit selection.

What makes hashbrowns is often the most noticiable change I encounter. Here the potatos were cubicle and hard. Nothing very exciting. The onions and peppers were similar, which is something I still don't get.

The sausage links were the size of hotdogs. They did not taste like a hotdog, but I kept looking for a bun.

The bacon was about right, but no shells were broken to make the eggs. I did notice later that the smaller breakfast links were beside the stack of western omelettes. I took neither.

The grits were not. Think a huge pot of instant. Very bland. Unsalted. The Promise butter substitute was not sufficient in any quantity.

The OJ was good and pulpy. The coffee was adequate.

I left with a fresh $21 charge on my room. And a wrinkled copy of USA Today.

Well, and a tum needing some quiet time.

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The Crow said...

You were having breakfast less than an hour south of where I am typing this note. Small world.

Those "hashbrowns" sound like they're potatoes O'Brien, which would explain the peppers and onion. And the cubes of potato.

Wish I knew Baltimore well enough to tell you where you could find good grub for less.


Jim Penny said...

We didn't starve, and dinner was excellent. Can't now remember where that dinner was. Oh wait, Luna del Sea. Odd Spanglish, that is.