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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A bottle on the grassy knoll

The knoll appears to have more company than just me. This bottle was not here yesterday. However, I'm not sure the Shell station sells Night Train malt liquor. Or maybe it's fortified wine.

Of course, it's never ocurred to me to look when I'm in the store, at least until now.

Regardless, it's surely a bottle full of headache.

Now you might be wondering why there's more gravel than grass on the grassy knoll. Well, towards the top of the knoll is a 12x12 bed of gravel that looks like it might have been a foundation to a shed or something.

The knoll is also severely chopped off on the sides for construction, leaving me to wonder how this one little spot has managed to escape destruction. You might think a cemetary's there, but I see no evidence of graves.

I suspect it's a portal to an alternate reality that only the winos and I can see.

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