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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being gay and blood donations

For those if you who don't get deep into blood donations, let me point out that gay men experience a lifetime ban on donating blood, courtesy the American FDA.

All this with the neverending appeals for more blood donors.

Now, there's discussion regarding lifting the ban after five year's worth of celibacy.

Here's the link to the scoop.


Five years of celibacy? That change will certainly end the crisis at the blood banks.

Oh yeah, I could just spit.

We have two problems here.

First, the continued marginalization of gay people. I can find you a Duke University doctorate right now who used to be one of my best buds but who now keeps his distance because he's afraid he might catch something. I have even heard him state that HIV and AIDS could easily be an expression of God's wrath.

Duke should recall that EdD.

Second, blood testing is statistical testing. There is always a finite possibility for a false negative no matter what the test is about.

That pint of blood you received in the hospital could easily be the source of your hepatitis infection, and though it irritates me to hear, many physicians will tell you that HIV is an easily treated and controlled infection compared to hepatitis.

Of course, we can push that false positive rate into the nigh nonexistent by spending a little money, but do we? Nooooooooo! It's easier, and frankly way more popular, to continue the on-going denegration of the gay population.

Just remember that when you need some blood you can't get, even though my perfectly usable B+ is right there waiting for the needle that I do not mind one bit.

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