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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another reason to despise Cary


It was not enough that I took a wrong turn yesterday and spent 15 minutes not finding decent BBQ in Cary, but now I hear that they held snowplow practice yesterday.

Actually, I saw the sign yesterday, and now the local news is talking about it.

Complete with pictures of shiny dumptrucks with orange plows, not a scratch to be seen.

Cary probably paints its stuff in the off season, but they might just buy new every year.

The important part is that we haven't had a real snow event in five years, and if we are so unlucky this year, the accursed frozen precip will in all likelihood melt within 24 hours.

Could we all not just stay home that one day?

I'm not sure the white crap has hung around more than two days in my 56 long and tortured years.

So the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees has spent all that money to beat the rare event. I'm sure all those SASers who conspire to clog the road on my drive home will be glad.

Yeah, I finally got out of Cary and found some decent BBQ yesterday.

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The Crow said...

Was that tomato-based or vinegar/mustard-based, and dry rubbed or wet mopped? Inquiring stomachs want to know.


The Crow said...

Jim: just found a blog you might like http://looka.gumbopages.com/.

Also, Taggart also has a NO recipe site, titled Gumbo Pages, which you can access through the one above.

If you're not all that into New Orleans culture, just ignore this comment.


Jim Penny said...

Tomato? Mustard? The Deity wants not these things in her BBQ, which is also known as the Fruit of the Swine.

Vinegar. A little salt and black pepper. Maybe some sage. Roast the piggie all night. Dag a little of the sauce as we go. Add more when we shred and chop the piggie.

In my case all the skin gets et long before the sun rises.

Meanwhile, I could get into some good gumbo about now.

The Crow said...

Fruit of the Swine?! Oh, god, that is rich!

I had forgotten the purist route to BBQ nirvana. Shame on me.