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Friday, September 4, 2009

Where did I sleep?

I know for a demonstrable fact that I went to sleep in my bed last night with my little pillow between my knees and the thoughts of just how long it'd take to clear the football traffic dancing in my head. That was 9-ish.

At 1-ish, I'm up for the expected bathroom break for which I rarely even wake up. This time I do wake up as I realize I'm in the middle of my personal open jaw itinerary involving bed and couch. WTF is not a good response when one seeks to promote fragile sleep.

I awoke on the couch between two afghans, t-shirt damp with perspiration per usual, and I have no remembrance of getting there. I am toddlin' Lil waking up on her Big Wheel at the beach. I am me waking up in the hall of the Dupont Circle Hilton at 1am.

I am that sleep walker you never want in your combat squad.

Apparently, I'm also an old fart who now does more than he can remember.

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