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Saturday, September 5, 2009

An unusual response

If you're indigent, begging on the street, I'm probably not the person you want to approach unless you enjoy abject ostracism. As a general rule, I don't believe the handouts do much to help. More to the point, I don't often carry enough cash to help anyone.

Yesterday was different, and it left me thinking.

I was at the local Shell station for a fountain Diet Coke and a roller dog. Stepping out, I noticed a quietly distraught woman standing between the cigarette receptical and the propane tank exchange stand.

Yeah, I wouldn't put those two so close either.

As I passed the woman, I decided she must be planning to rob the store. She was very nervous. Several steps later, I heard a female voice call out a shaky "sir?"

I turned and she asked for help. She was trying to get home in Carrboro. When I asked how much, she said a couple of gallons. I had her pull her car to the first pump, went inside to give the clerk ten bucks, stepped out to tell her, and then went on my way with a thank you.

I think she was real. She didn't present as a con artist, and asking for a couple of gallons as though the act was about to kill her made her seem legitimate. Besides, she was driving a newish minivan.

So I'm ten dollars poorer. I wasn't carrying plastic at the time. She left headed in the right direction to be going to Carrboro. I hope she got there.

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Diana said...

I think that counts for Operation NICE. :)