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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My interesting lunch

I sent email to the work peeps this morning to see if anyone wanted to go to the mall for lunch. No one did. Well, one later admitted to wanting to go for takeout, but by then I had accepted an alternative proposal.

We were going to Inchin Bamboo Garden, which I immediately missread as Itchin Bamboo. The missread became permanent.

We entered by a forested trout stream. I was sad that I didn't have my poles and yellow whole kernel corn niblets. We could have had fresh trout for lunch.

I settled for mixed vegetables with black bean sauce. Add steamed rice. Egg drop soup, far above average, and a perfectly regular egg roll.

It was all acceptably tasty with one exception. The black beans, all six of them. I nabbed them one at the time to show off for the people who were not watching, and then ate them one at the time. I have never tasted a black bean that lucious, not even when I cook it myself.

While dining, I had a spirited conversation with the guest pictured here. She was quite the verbal delight, skilled in many double entenders. I look forward to the return visit.

Yeah. I made this up. Except for the part about the black beans. I could eat another six of them. For the rest, we talked about work for 90 minutes.

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