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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lil's 16 candles

OK, so it's been a more than difficult year on several fronts, none of them up for discussion because I'll just sound whiny. Besides, I doubt I'm alone.

One exception is probably Josh, who appears to be in his element, and that is a delight to see. Now, if he'd just send up the periodic smoke signal, it be complete.

So what brings is here just now? Earlier today, I was sorting through bills, making a list of what was not gonna happen this season. That left me grumpy, but an unexpected comment from an e-friend pushed that away.

Time for a shower and an afternoon in the arb. Maybe take some above average pictures. Maybe actually get off the couch.

In the shower, thoughts drift, sail, and surge. Then an abrupt stop on August 14. I'm drawing a blank on what happened that day.

I should be remembering something. The 14th is Lil's birthday.

There should have been a call from me to her during which I sang Happy Birthday, continuing that something my mother started decades ago. All there was to mark the day was my HBD!!! on her Facebook wall.

In the preceeding 10 days, we had a flight to Philadelphia to work in a suit, weekend work in Raleigh, an unexpected report to write using data that were a tad more than gnarly, and a long conference call that I do not now remember.

Oh yeah, the week following was a long road trip to settle Josh into school.

A text message to Lil revealed that nothing happened for her BD, except that her boyfriend took her out. Otherwise, she was just house and dog sitting for her sister.

That Sunday, we did get a nibble together, and she got a wireless router for her rented house. While in Florida, she and I had a lovely afternoon at the beach where she swam with a hurricane while the guards flirted with her and whistled at her, both of which left me seeking the 32 ounce beer at the beach beer shop.

But no mention of the birthday in any manner. My stoic child.

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The Crow said...

She knows she's loved, though, Jim, with all your heart, and that is the best birthday present there is.


Jim Penny said...

We can hope. She's not big into things, not that she won't dance like anyone else over a surprise gift. She's an old hippy that way, much like her grandmother.