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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It lives!

A colleague at work had this lava lamp. When I mentioned Josh's small collection, this lamp was offered up as #3, and I carted it to Greensboro.

When Lil saw it, things changed as she made the case that she was more worthy, what with Josh having two while she had none. I caved, especially as Josh seemed to be satisfied with his current collection, and this little lava lamp went to live at the Tate Street Manor.

After seeing this pic that Lil sent, I see the reason for her fervor. It's the color. Lil grew up in a house full of J-people, people with names starting with J while her's did not. She was the only one named for two grandparents. Her's were the only blue eyes in a sea of brown.

Her eyes shine through in that pic. I'm glad she lobbied as she did. That she did it so well leaves me thinking, and I doubt I'll be the last.

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