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Friday, September 4, 2009

I loathe the United Way

Now, before you condemn me as the curmudgeon that I am, let me explain a little. Then you can cast all those stones.

I first met the United Way in the public schools of Sanford County in about 1977. The faculty were expected to participate, and this was made clear by the now dead principal.

Tithing in the workplace offends me, deeply. In response to this principal, I taped the penny I found on the sidewalk to the donation form. Later, the congratulatory note for the 100% participation included the tagline "Every penny counts."

I suppose the damned fool EDD achieved what he needed.

Of course, I cannot count on finding a penny as I need to avoid the nonsense that is the United Way.

So what's a poor and principled queen to do?

She pledges $1000 with deferred payment. It's real simple. The employer gets the boost. The United Way sends me monthly statements, which I ignore. God's in her heaven, and all's right with the world.

At least until the United Way gets out of the work place.

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