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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I finally got some

I decided to try Neomonde on Beryl for a late lunch. I slept too late to get over to Durham for the parade, and this seemed like decent substitute.

Shared the ride down with one of the fellows from across the hall. He was very quiet, probably because of limited English skills. Maybe I should tutor him or something.

Pulling out of the drive, I was reminded that we have a football game today. It took a while to clear all the nonsense. Getting to the hospital would have been a chore.

Y'all really should plan those games for when I'm out of town.

Finally made it to Neomonde. The parking lot was full. There were about ten people ahead of me in the line.

Y'all really gotta learn to eat lunch earlier.

Got me some chickpea salad, blackbean salad, tabbouli, and hommous. Sat outside to gobble it up.

Next time, could you leave that whiny child at home?

Now it's time for a nap. Gotta get prepped for supper with m'bro. Having spaghetti. And maybe a beer.

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