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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dins and a flick

OK, so a lovely soul ripped me from my work a day world and pushed me out into a world where people actually have fun.

We went to Neomonde for dins. It was her first time, and I got to eat the leftovers. Stuffed, I was.

Then to a flick. I live beside the dollar movie, and you'd think I'd be there every night. If you did, you'd be wrong.

We saw the new Star Trek. I give it a thumbs up. However, it could have been better. The dependance on effects to the expense of writing was lamentable. The romantic involvement between Spock and Uhura was unnecessary. The respective youth of the resulting Enterprise crew was unexpected.

I'm glad for the evening out. It was the first in well over a season. FHs are important that way. I'm also glad for the flick. Dins was the best. Gonna go back for more sooner than later.

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