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Monday, September 7, 2009

A deity's buttermilk

As you might already know, I culture buttermilk from powdered nonfat milk. The result is not really buttermilk, no more than what they sell in the stores is real, but it is one of my favorite drinks.

Real buttermilk would require a cow and someone to churn.

I splash a little buttermilk from the previous batch into the pitcher. Add about half again too much milk powder so the result is nice and thick. And the top it off with tap water, stirring a lot.

Let it sit at room temp about 24 hours. Add a very little salt. Stir and chill. Swill as required.

Yeah. I used to take buttermilk to drink in the tobacco field at break time. The people thought it was weird even then.

So why, oh why, must I regale you with this prattle about buttermilk? It's because this glass I just finished might have been the absolute best I ever had. Apparently, the bacteria in the culture are evolving just for me.

Let me know and I'll send you a quart.

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