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Friday, September 11, 2009

Clabber Girl

Clabber Girl is brand of baking powder. I've used it. It's perfectly fine. Google will find you all the Clabber Girl information you'd ever want.

It's the name the attracts my interest. There is little in clabber that suggests anything good to most people.

That was a different story before the advent of pasteurization, especially in the South where clabber often made a breakfast food using many of the flavorings you'd use on oatmeal now.

Google will also find you all the information about clabber that you'd ever want, short of a sample from my refridgerator.

As you know, I make a form of clabber that is quite similar to cultured buttermilk because I start the clabber with a sample of cultured buttermilk.

What interests me the most is the I could do the same thing with yogurt, and all those people wretching over the clabber would be licking their lips for some homemade yogurt.

Go figure.

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