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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tomorrow's buttermilk

That's a 2-quart container. I added maybe a cup of cultured buttermilk. (The first cup came from commercially prepared nonfat cultured buttermilk.). Then I added two coffee mugs of powdered skim milk, which is, maybe, 50% more than you'd use if you were making skim milk. (This makes the final product thick and high in protein.)

Next goes in enough water to fill to the top. Finally, stir it very well with a slotted spoon or spatula. (The slots make the stirring more effective.)

Now here's the hard part. You let it sit out covered for 24 hours. You also leave it alone while it's sitting out.

Some time the next day when it's all cultured, use the same spoon or spatula, washed of course, to stir it again. It'll be thick upwards the top like yogurt, and you want to break all that up and remix it with the whey on the bottom.

When it's all stirred, add a slightly heaping teaspoon of salt to cut the sweetness and to bring out the tartness. Remember that you can always add more salt, but you can never take out a single grain. That would be my mama speaking there.

Put the pitcher in the fridge overnight. It'll be cold enough in a few hours. I find breakfast about the best time, but it's hard to find a wrong time.

BTW, you can add vodka or white rum for a real taste treat, especially in hot weather.

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Diana said...

You are a brave man. Did that stew incident not teach you anything? ;)

Jim Penny said...

Well yes, it did. I leave the cabbage to the slaw now, and never put it in a stew.

Does that count?

Diana said...

Hmm... Probably.

I'll leave the food science experiments to you though.

The Crow said...

My mom used to make clabbered milk, not quite buttermilk, and fed it to us over cornbread. Mighty fine stuff.