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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Research and publication

For what purpose do we gather? First, there're the personal reasons. Who's done what, where, when, and why? Find any good food on those foreign expeditions?

There's also the discussion of who has figured what in their lines of research. And of course, what didn't work, which I find more important than knowing what finally worked.

And we have publication of the peer reviewed variety, which I find the most difficult. We also have book reviews, which I find the most interesting. Actually, I find them a delight to write because I know I can express some opinion without being shot at too much. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to keep up on what the rest of the world is doing.

However, the best part is the diversion. I am not much of a potter. Yet, I find myself often making the same pot over and over. Yeah, the price is right, and we both know there's a better word than "potter" to describe me.

Nonetheless, here's to the next professional confabulation over margarita's and Mexican food. I do so enjoy it!

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