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Monday, August 24, 2009

Parental thinking

So after the final drive, I sent each dude a text. Sup? Well, this time it was "Report!" because the Sup?s had not been as fruitful as I would hope.

From #1 Daughter, I learn that for whatever reason, she has figured out how to parallel park. I have no idea what that reason might be. Then I find out about dinner at Taco Bell and going to work after that. I'll get a pic of the parallel parking later.

From #1 Son, nada. Zip. Nothing. What the bear grabbed at. From ancillary sources, I know he's still alive and doing well. How I get a direct report from him is a mystery. I left voice mail.

For now, I'm grateful for what I have. TYVM!, Lil.

Follow-up: He checked in about midnight!

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