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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Fun Day commences

About every quarter, our company hosts a Fun Day. Although the activities vary, one of the more common things we do is go bowling. I suspect bowling is more popular because of the frat food and the available beer.

The idea is to promote some form of harmony, if not team building, in the company, and there are likely modest gains there, at least in the harmony part. I don't see much progress om the team building side. Existing teams remain as they are, and I'm pretty sure the afternoon is a far cry from what one would see in a corporate team building exercise.

The thing is that I could live a long and somewhat useful life and never enter another bowling alley. The noise alone is sufficient motivation to run away. However, if the man wants to pay me to drink a beer and watch the others bowl, that's sufficiently cool for me, at least for today.

One day we'll have that paint ball team.

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