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Friday, August 28, 2009

It's what's for lunch

After being gone for a week, the fridge is low on anything you might want to eat, and I don't expect to go grocery shopping until tomorrow or Sunday. The green and red peppers were holding on, if on their last, and I chopped them up with some turkey snausage, and dropped the mess in the skillet with a lot of olive oil.

After a bit of sizzling, I poured in some Food Lion egg beater knockoff and a handfull of shredded Mexican cheese. It all sat on the stove in the covered iron skillet until the bottom was burned just as Mama would have done it.

Since you didn't show up for the leftovers, I ate the second half during the afternoon. You missed a treat.

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The Crow said...

Hello, Jim:

I'm catching up on the blogs I follow and am enjoying reading your posts.

About that banana...


Jim Penny said...

That nanner was a little something else.