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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Advanced Psychometric Duty

This weekend, I was working with a delightful group as they assembled two new exams for use in 2010. The organization of the group is such that only a couple of new people join on any given year. This means that the group generally knows exactly what to do, and my job is to set the stage and answer the occasional question.

I also have domestic duties. This morning, I had the dishwasher to empty. I'm not sure which course in my PhD program prepared me for that. I also got to order and fetch lunch.

Some might see my activities as a glorious waste of time given my training. I see it as doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Besides, anyone in that room could have made the coffee. I did it because I didn't want to disturb the work of the committee, and doing do left me close enough to field questions but far enough away to stay out of their way.

The upshot is that they finished and left in the early afternoon, and I had time for a serious nap at the lake. Those 4 a.m. wakeups this weekend have about done me in.

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