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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solving the Gitmo Detainee Problem

Solving the Gitmo Detainee Problem
Copyright 2009, Jim Penny
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There appears to be a paucity of clear thinking regarding the detainees at Guantanamo. If we let them go, they might do something naughty. If we keep them without due process, are we any better than those we fight?

People, we've already answered the question. We have been worse than those we fight, and we need to step up and take a higher road.

Let those people go. Yes, they might foment retaliation one day. Frankly, I wouldn't blame them if they did, and even more frankly, we deserve it. However, the gospel truth is that they have friends who already are fomenting. Give the detainees a free one-way first class ticket to wherever they want to go, a pocket full of money, and let them do what they will.

Take away learning for the next time: Do not take prisoners.


The Crow said...

As a Quaker, I'd like us to avoid conflicts which lead to taking prisoners in the first place.

Thought-provoking piece, Jim.

Jim Penny said...

I agree completely.

I fail to see the first compelling reason for our ever having gone there in the first place, and for my part, the exit could have started already.