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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Naming Zooker

Naming Zooker
Copyright 2009, Jim Penny
Word count: 156

The following text is taken from my journal entry dated 09-Dec-1989. #1 Daughter was born in the previous August.

You have accumulated a large set of nicknames.

3.Widdle Wiwwy
7.Kitty Girl
8.Girl Squirrel
9.Squirrelly Girlie
10.Baby Doll
11.Baby Ness

I'm sure the list will grow. Your mom says that “Zooker” needs some explanation. When you were en utero, we followed your development in a book as well as a on a chart at the Birth Center. When we started, you were the size of a field pea, and we called you our little field pea. Then, it became Little One. Then a Cucumber, but not the burpless variety. Finally, we got to Zucchini, and that stuck. You never made it to our little watermelon.

Now, like it or not, you are the Zooker. So mote it be.

P.S. I like it.

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