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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeding myself

Feeding myself
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OK, so I had a lot of travel last week and a half. An overnight trip to San Diego, perfectly timed to risk exposure to the new swine flu, then an overnight trip to DC, all followed by a day trip to Boston. Pretty much the usual when you're in the business of being smart and pretty. Maybe more the latter than the former.

So the weekend before all that started, I had the smart idea of making a big stew of field peas and rice with a little onion and cabbage. Yeah, I forgot to add potatoes and carrots, but I like me some peas and rice something fierce. My intent was to have a stash of food ready for the microwave because I knew the travel would leave me too tired to make anything those brief periods I would be home.

The yummy stew was created in a large iron pot. I generally only cook in iron. The cabbage was a mistake, not bad enough to ruin the stew, but enough to make me reach for extra Texas Pete to mask the taste. I don't really care for cooked cabbage, but I though a little wouldn't hurt that much, and it might make the peeps who fuss about my diet restrain themselves.

The trips and the work progress without event. I was lucky on the travel, though without upgrades. I'm changing my preferred carrier because of some 15 excursions to Boston this season. No, I do not know why American has so many direct flights between Raleigh and Boston, but my butt is glad they do.

The point is, it all went well, and I had myself a slow weekend, visiting the lake twice for extended precisions naps. (This would not have been the case had #1 Son communicated his health and let me know he was puking his innards out, all home alone, but he didn't, and I passed the weekend in ignorant bliss, followed by a very irritating Monday when I found out.) There's a little stew left, it smells alright, it tastes alright, and it makes my Monday evening dins.

Today, I awoke at 6, which is about usual, but not feeling about right. By 10, I recognized that I had food poisoning. So much for the health benefits of vegetarian cooking. By noon, I knew the source. Yeah, I puked chicken broth in the laundry room trash can. Like the idiot I am, I started a load of laundry during a brief spell of feeling better.

Now, at 7 in the evening, I've had one boring day, wasted a day of PTO, spent a few hours thinking I had the early symptoms of swine flu, reactivated my Twitter account (the name is jimpenny, if you care to follow), and finally feel sufficiently well to live now here at bed time.

I might actually look forward to going to work tomorrow.

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The Crow said...

It's the cabbage in the iron pot. Something in the cabbage gas interacts with the metal to create not only ugly cabbage on your plate, but toxic stuff in your belly. Made for a hostile work environment.

That's my story, anyway. Glad you're feeling better...and that you're blogging again. Hope your son is better, too.