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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mall, walking, dawn

Mall, Walking, Dawn
Copyright 2008, Jim Penny
Word count: 112

It calls me across One day, stepping past,
the space, the time between us, eyes left, wall right, I dare not;
demanding my soul. too young to die, now.
When dare I listen? My name is not there,
Moan or scream or siren’s call, yet we both know it should be.
they are all the same. Death cheated, denied,
I saw it, drafted, another day, I look
a model on a table, beyond the wall, the children,
Black specter, my friend, pausing by my place,
it was, it is, now, rubbing someone’s name,
the death I should have known then, remembering someone’s face.
but by a breath, missed. Dry tears, silent cries.

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